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Panther OIl-Free Mini Air Compressors

The outstanding performance and quality of Werther International’s line of quiet oil-less air compressors is essential in providing a turn key solution and an easy installation and start up for most applications needing a source of quiet compressed air. With our quiet oil-less motors, selection of ASME certified air tanks, self regenerative air dryers, and silencing cabinet options, the Werther oil-less compressors are well suited for a variety of applications including laboratory, automation, medical, clean room, gas generation, and food and beverage where dependability and long service life is a must.

Part Number  Model Number HP CFM PSI Noise Level (db/A) Tank Size (Gallon)
M8037US PC 106  0.8 4.4 120 57 1.57
M50091 PC1/24/3 0.75 3.57 101 70 6.3
M57090US  PC2/50/3  1.5 6.35 101 72 13
M58020US  PC3/50/3  2 8.54 101 7 13
M71520  PC2x2/100/3  3 12.7 101 72 26
M72010  PC3x2/100/3 4 17.08 101 74 26
42995P  PC5/200 208-240-460V 5.5 27.5 145 74 52
42996P  PC5x2/500 208-240-460V 11 55 145 74 130

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