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Van Air Systems has been the leading manufacturer of deliquescent desiccant for nearly 75 years. With desiccant being manufactured in Lake City, PA; Van Air Systems is still producing the best chemical drying agent for our customers. We offer four cost-effective, dependable, energy-free deliquescent desiccants for a variety of drying applications. If you were/are using any other manufacturer’s desiccant, now is the time to introduce them Van Air Systems Deliquescent Desiccant. 

Recently our industry has seen a change in deliquescent desiccant manufacturers. The second largest manufacturer has exited the market leaving their customers without a clear solution. Van Air Systems has been manufacturing equivalent desiccants for years, so you end users can make the switch with confidence. You will get the same great performance from Van Air Systems Deliquescent Desiccant.

 Dessicant Equivalent Chart

Van Air Systems

Van Gas Technologies Lubrizol
SP GasDry™ Peak RG
10BF GasDry™ Max SG
10BF GasDry™ Max Hyrdo-Lith E
4UF GasDry™ Ultimate XENTRITE



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